Sunday, 12 March 2017

Deep Space Mercenaries...

My recently completed deep space mercenary Commander from Heroes for Wargames and of course the Rogue Trader Rulebook.


  1. Wow! Thats just bloody awesome!!!

    I always thought that that head was a conversion, but obviously it's not. Could you tell me where it's from please?

    Top job :)

    1. Thanks, It is indeed a conversion. I have a few of these original marines and sliced the head off of one and using reference from the Heroes for Wargames book with some online examples sculpted the head and attachments. It is not completely accurate, the straps on the bionics are a little different but I think a pretty good recreation.

    2. Jesus H Christ!!!! You made the head?!!! Massive e-high five to you sir :)

      So, did you already know that the original minis' head was a conversion to start with? Not just a simple head swap? I suppose it had to have been yeah, coz there weren't too many mini's around with respirator on their noggins back in the day were there :)

      Much kudos to you Dominus, in my mind you bloody nailed it!

    3. Ha, Thanks. Yes, I would love to know the original's history.